• White gold(180sticks)1Box
White gold(180sticks)1Box
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  • It is a Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix that has a strong aroma with milk. Differential roasting by coffee beans makes the coffee taste and aroma.


    Maxim White Gold Coffee Mix is made from good coffee bean. Differentiated roasting by beans, SPR method, you can still feel the original taste and aroma of coffee with milk. when you care about health, don't hesitate to have maxim white gold coffee by using xylose sugar, which reduces the absorption rate of sugar. In particular, Maxim added a frima( korean cream powder) containing non-fat milk to enrich the coffee's natural taste and aroma, and completed a deep-flavored coffee mix. Enjoy tea time with white gold coffee mix that always boasts a deep aroma even if you add milk.


    Making coffee mix ice
    1. Mix the coffee mix with hot water. In order to make coffee mix ice, it's a great point to ride it thick!
    2. Put the well-mixed coffee back into the mix bag. As it freezes and becomes bulky, only fill up to 80% of the bag.
    3. Put it in a cup or a bottle and freeze it in the freezer to prevent spillage.
    4. You can enjoy iced coffee mix ice as it is, or cube latte in milk.

    [KOREA Coffee] MAXIM White Gold Mild Instant Coffee Mix (180 sticks)
    MAXIM White Gold Instant Coffee Mix contains 180 Sticks
    Carry and Easy to drink ; Only 16g for one serving size ( dissolve 1 serving stick with 100ml hot water )
    White Gold : fat-free milk
    It has Gold Ratio for Coffee Mix : Coffee, Creamer, Sugar and Polyphenol

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