• BIKA Mix 'N' Shake Super Cheesy Cheese Rings 70 g
BIKA Mix 'N' Shake Super Cheesy Cheese Rings 70 g
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  • Consumer can customize their ‘shake snack’ by adding the seasoning and mix with the snack by ‘shake’ it! With its great contrasting flavor pairing, it has the perfect balance of taste! Not only salty with spicy, and also provide a salty with cheesy taste and more!

    This series contain six items which are Chili Cheese Prawn Crackers with Pizza seasoning, Potato Stick Hot&Spicy flavor with Spicy seasoning, Potato Sticks BBQ flavor, Cheese Balls and Rings with Chili Cheese seasoning, Chicken Crackers with Black Pepper seasoning.

    The perfect portioned size and canister packaging which great to made consumer enjoy the snack with special ‘shaking’ experience and ideal storage of the snack.

    BIKA CRACKERS is the best choice when enjoy the happy moment with friends and family.